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03:16:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 17th"

March 17th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the seventeenth day of March.

Listening to ANIMALS by the 26th path and according to the sign Capricorn, which is the 15th key and represents The Devil card.

Hear the sound A natural and see the color indigo. Here the soul encounters the Child of the Forces of Time who is the renovating intelligence which renews all of creation by constantly recreating the cosmos. Here is the beginning of the soul's understanding which is beyond the ability of earthly languages to express. This path marks the beginnings of true waking spiritual consciousness. Here the soul can completely release itself from all resentment for sorrows by clearly understanding the divine desire for the soul to make it's return journey into the afterlife. This divine desire turns the eyes of the soul inside out and upside down. When the soul was incarnate in animal form it was forced to see all things through the lens of the body, which turns the truth of existence inside out and upside down. In the presence of the Child of the Furnace of Time the soul no longer sees the material world from an upside down and inside out vantage point, which was necessary while the soul was in animal form. The Child of the Forces of Time's view is only delusional from a soul's point of view while it is in incarnet form, thus crossing this path part of the soul's true understanding is restored. When thinking of The Devil card meditate on these lyrics: 'got to admit I'm a little bit confused'

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