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03:17:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 18th"

March 18th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the eighteenth day of March.

Listening to WISH YOU WERE HERE by the 25th path and according to sign Sagittarius, which is the 14th key and represents the Temperance card.

Hear the sound G sharp and see the color blue. Here the soul encounters the Daughter who Brings all Souls Into and Out of the Material World who is the tentative intelligence of probation, because it is the primary temptation by which heaven tries every soul that enters the material world. It appears as a long tunnel of darkness with a great light at its end, to people who are near death. This is the last outpost of contact that the temporal mortal personality has with the eternal nature of the soul. On the path of the Daughter who Brings all Souls Into and Out of the Material World the soul is released form the blindness caused by the divine rage. Through this path the soul's desire to taste divine rage is unveiled in it's true form, and that is of the twin desires for birth and death. The divine rage, or desire for birth and death will perish as the soul moves farther away from the material world of joy and sorrow. The soul's desire to be born and to die are opposites, but they are the alchemical water and fire of forgetfulness that helped allow the soul to occupy the time and space of the material world. Only by consuming the fire/water of forgetfulness can the soul even ever enter the material world as a living being. Sometimes this alchemical mixture of desires is called the waters of life, and in life the soul perceives this as a kind of divine anger. By passing through the path of Temperance the soul relieves itself of the water of life in order to fully recover the full power of it's waking spiritual intelligence. When thinking of the Temperance card meditate on these lyrics: 'What did you dream? It's all right we told you what to dream.'

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