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03:19:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 20th"

March 20th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twentieth day of March.

Listening to BARRETT by the 23rd path, which is the 12th key and represents the Hanged Man card.

Hear the sound G sharp and see the color deep blue. Here the soul encounters the Spirit of the Mighty Waters who is the stable intelligence because it is the beauty of consistency in all numeration. On this path the soul is baptized in the consciousness of the astral realm and reemerges with the true understanding of the nature of numerical realities. Eventually the soul will clearly recognize that all things in the material world are in existence because of numeration and number. The appearance of the material world is finally understood, by the soul, as having its being merely as shadows of mathematical principles. Recognizing numeration is a purification of the souls understanding, because it may have mistaken material things as being more real than eternal mathematical realities. The soul's knowledge has been scattered among the desires of its incarnate animal life while living in the material world. On this path the soul's knowledge is recollected and restored to it's true place with the help of the Spirit of the Mighty Waters. When thinking of the Hanged Man card meditate on these lyrics: 'It's an idea someday in my tears my dreams. Don't you want to see her prove a life that comes with no harm? and I and dominos - a day goes by....'


OK, two questions, one rhetorical and silly, the other serious:

"The Spirit of the Mighty Waters" made me laugh. Is this a Tarot thing? Because in the context it makes me think of Roger as Muse or something. Heh.

But seriously, since you are using a SOLO album, is this just for Syd's stuff, or what?

Sorry this is just so beyond me. I must be spiritually bereft. My ability to understand these heavy mystical things is nil. And all I can do is question your accuracy of the trivialities of band members.

Posted by Ann @ 03:21:2004:12:03 PM CST

The Hanged Man has neither an astrological sign nor a planet to correspond with, and I think this makes it perfect for a Syd album.

Posted by Stan @ 03:21:2004:08:17 PM CST

OK, I see. Makes sense that way.

Posted by Ann @ 03:21:2004:08:30 PM CST

By Stan @ 08:10 PM CST:03:19:04 ..::Link::..