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03:20:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 21st"

March 21st

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twenty-first day of March.

Listening to OBSCURED BY CLOUDS by the 22nd path and according to the sign Libra, which is the 11th key and represents the Justice card.

Hear the sound F sharp and see the color emerald green. Here the soul encounters the Daughter of the Rule and Balance of Truth who is the faithful intelligence, because all living beings in the material world live beneath the shadow of this intellect. This shadow abides without fail above all living things. All immortal knowledge which the soul may have thought it had lost in the material world is revealed again, and even the most seemingly mundane parts of the soul's understanding have profound significance on this path. The worldly ethical questions of right, wrong, bad, or good are all brought back into balance by the Daughter of the Rule and Balance of Truth. Ethical and moral questions, which seemed so important to the soul while it was incarnate in animal form now all appear like a collection of misguided misconceptions. All of the illusions produced by the misguided ideas of human morality are destroyed on this path. The concerns of invented human wisdom in the material world no longer have the power to deceive the soul which crosses on this path. When thinking of the Justice card meditate on these lyrics: 'Ancient bonds are breaking, moving on and changing sides. Dreaming of a new day, cast aside the other way, magic visions stirring, kindled by the burning flames rising in her eyes.'

By Stan @ 05:03 PM CST:03:20:04 ..::Link::..