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03:21:2004 Entry: "Ann : Spring DREAM"

Spring DREAM

I was travelling along a coast or a lakefront. I could almost reach my hand outside the car and feel the brush and shrubs on the water's edge go by. I tried to see the water, but it was hidden by cliffs. We parked, and Stan and I got out and walked. We walked until the water stopped us. It seemed more like a lake now as there were too many trees. I sat down by the water on a large rock and contemplated this small creek running by me. There was a katydid by the water. It wasn't drowning, it was happy...just sitting and chirping. On the other side of the creek, there were a couple young girls playing. I wanted to go to the other side of the creek, which would lead me even closer to the lake somehow, but I didn't want to get wet. It was too cold to get wet. But I could tell that the snow was melting and soon it would be summer.

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