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03:21:2004 Entry: "Ann : Bad Data"

Bad Data

I left the radio on in the bedroom. I came back an hour or so later and a program, "A Way with Words" was on. A woman called in and was disturbed by the word "demonize." The hosts of the show questioned her about it, offering the possibility that it disturbs her because it has been rather over-used in our language as of late, which is understandable. But I could tell before she spoke that that wasn't the reason why it disturbed her, I could tell it was the word "demon" that concerned her, as she had said "demon" is such an awful word. But my reasoning was wrong. I thought it was because she was a devout Christian who sometimes have problems uttering such things. As silly as it sounds, I know this as a fact. I have an aunt-in-law who cannot bring herself to call my dog "Lucifer Sam." Instead she just calls him "Sam," as the utterance of "Lucifer" cannot come from her mouth. And my mother-in-law questioned why we would give such an awful name to such a sweet-looking little dog (she hasn't seen his rotten side though!). But I was wrong on my reason. The woman spoke about how she associates "demon" with the religious right and their rhetoric and how she hates all that. No, instead of the caller being a right-winger herself, she was a left-winger. She was part of the PC police, who thinks that by getting rid of certain words, you can modify people's behavior, and that we shouldn't even have certain words in our language because they can be "associated" with certain segments of society deemed undesirable.

After the radio show she probably went out to protest Mel G*bson's movie.

Far right, far left, they're all nuts.

And speaking of that movie, am I the only one in the world who doesn't care one damn way or another? I'm not going to see it; I could care less.

One time a long time ago I complained that someone was probably "on the rag" because said female was behaving quite bitchily. A woman in my presence told me I should never say that because someone could then say that about me. So? People probably have. So what? One out of four chances says they were right. Word police--blaaah.


Here's a problem I've been having with certain Christians: The whole "hate the sin, love the sinner" thing. In my years on this earth, I have come to realize why I do not get on well with these types. It's not my own prejudice...I am totally willing to be open to them as friends and acquaintances. I have no problem with that, as long as they don't try to prosyletize to me. They are the ones who are totally unaccepting of me. They can embrace sinners, but when you are not a "sinner" but yet you question their beliefs and religious structures, you become something else. You can't be classified as just a simple sinner who can be loved despite all the amoral bad things they are doing. You are something are a heretic, and that simple little slogan makes no mention of heretics. You *can* hate heresy *and* hate the heretic. To them, people who behave morally despite the fact they are not founded in a religion is like bad data. Their internal computer can't recognize the input, so it is coughed up and spit out.

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