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03:22:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 23rd"

March 23rd

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twenty-third day of March.

Listening to MEDDLE by the 20th path and according to the sign Virgo, which is the 9th key and represents The Hermit card.

Hear the sound F natural and see the color yellowish green. Here the soul encounters the Magus of the Beautiful Eternal Voice who is the intelligence of divine will. By the will of heaven, the will of the soul and the will of the Hermit this path relieves the soul of all primordial animal desires. The desires necessary for survival in animal form are an unnecessary burden in the astral world. The primordial wisdom of desire protect the creature as much as possible from physical and mental pain, and there is a great deal of pain and suffering to be encountered while the soul is in incarnate form. Crossing this path in the astral world the Magus of the Beautiful Eternal Voice removes this earthbound wisdom from the soul freeing its own eternal intelligence from having to continue to carry the primordial mortal wisdom on it's passage through these paths. When thinking of the The Hermit card meditate on these lyrics: 'No one calls us to move on and no one forces down our eyes, no one speaks and no one tries, no one flies around the sun.'

By Stan @ 09:09 PM CST:03:22:04 ..::Link::..