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03:23:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 24th"

March 24th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twenty-fourth day of March.

Listening to ATOM HEART MOTHER by the 19th path and according to the sign Leo, which is the 8th key and represents the Strength card.

Hear the sound E natural and see the color yellow green. Here the soul encounters the Daughter of the Flaming Sword who is the intelligence of pure spiritual being. She guards the gateway to the source of heaven's pure eternal understanding, which the soul will need now that it has finally left behind all that was necessary for having been incarnate. The soul's need for worldly pleasures are finally removed form the soul here on this path. The force which primarily releases the soul as it moves through the astral plane closer to its eternal home. The Daughter of the Flaming Sword purifies the soul's consciousness from the energy of radiant darkness. Worldly pleasures are the spell that most deeply invests the immortal soul into the material world as a living creatures. Even the pleasure of eating breakfast can be the most potent force that holds the soul like a captive in the material world. When thinking of the Strength card Meditate on the sounds of Alan's psychedelic breakfast.


Meditate on this:

Marmalade. I like marmalade.

Posted by Ann @ 03:24:2004:04:45 PM CST

Ummm....Marmalade! Yum.

Posted by Stan @ 03:24:2004:07:00 PM CST

By Stan @ 07:54 PM CST:03:23:04 ..::Link::..