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03:24:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 25th"

March 25th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twenty-fifth day of March.

Listening to MORE by the 18th path and according to sign Cancer, which is the 7th key and represents The Chariot card.

Hear the sound C sharp and see the color red orange. Here the soul encounters the Child of the Triumph of Light who is the intelligence of divine water and one of the 4 paths of heaven. The soul is limited by it's two opposing possibilities, to return to the material world in incarnate form and to return to the realm of all eternal things. The combined forces of these two directions form a hedge of limitations that act as a wheel that holds within itself a throne where the higher self of the soul rests as an appearance of itself. The soul must be released form both imagined possibilities in order to vanquish itself form this illusion of it's own appearance as a higher self. The appearance is falsely generated by the souls twin beliefs that it can enter the realm of eternal things or the realm of worldly things by the powers it's own illusionary higher self. The Child of the Triumph of Light helps the soul become released form both beliefs in this deception at once on this path. When thinking of the The Chariot card meditate on these lyrics: 'She is calling from the deep, summoning my soul to endless sleep.'

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