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04:03:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 27th"

March 27th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the twenty-seventh day of March.

Listening to A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS by the 16th path and according to the sign Taurus, which is the 5th key and represents The Hierophant card.

Hear the sound C sharp and see the color red orange. Here the soul encounters the Magus of the Eternity of Heaven who is the triumphal infinite intelligence, because it is the glory of all things which never perish in the material world, the intelligence of divine earth, and known as one of the 4 paths of heaven. All of the unexpressed potential of the realms of matter are removed form the soul on this path. Self deception is the foundation of what the soul has sought by seeking higher and eternal things. The soul's desire to be immortal is a useless illusion, because it is to imagine a desire for a thing that the soul already possesses. The soul has a phantom or illusionary wanting for immortality, which may have helped it to enter the material world in incarnate form, but becomes useless in the afterlife. On this path the soul rids itself of the false desire for immortality, and no longer imagines itself wanting eternal things. The illusion is like the soul seeing itself as a child who appears in innocence but wanton, mysterious and sinister too. The deception seems like a sadistic joke that the soul has played on itself at it's own expense. One becomes two by thinking and the mind appears as mind and thought until the deception is recognized. The Magus of the Eternity of Heaven helps the soul to become freed from the enslaving illusion of longing to attain something it already is. When thinking of the The Hierophant card meditate on these lyrics: ' is the time... To be aware, summoning his cosmic power and glowing slightly from his toes, his psychic emanations flowed.'

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