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04:17:2004 Entry: "Stan : March 30th"

March 30th

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the thirtieth day of March.

Listening to THE WALL by the 13th path and according to the Sphere of the Moon, which is the 2nd key and represents The High Priestess card.

Hear the sound G sharp and see the color blue. Here the soul encounters the Princess of the Silver Star who is the uniting intelligence because she is the consummation of all pure truth which can only be invested in spiritual, divine and eternal things. The crescent silver moon is hers and from her arises the wheel of the law, without which no life in the cosmos would ever be possible. In this veil the soul is in the presence of the eyes that look, but these eyes themselves can never be seen. The soul is emerged in the water of pure unconsciousness and there are no more illusions in this beautiful realm. The soul is clothed in the light which lives before the abyss and is more brilliant than all of the suns of the cosmos. On this path the crystalline reality of all understand in the soul's knowledge, which is incorruptible in the material world, comes back into full view. The Princess of the Silver Star is the one source from where the divine water, fire, air and earth of heaven originate. She tears the entire wall of mortality down as the soul returns to it's true home and source among eternal things. When thinking of the The High Priestess card meditate on these lyrics: 'But, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fears, so I sentence you to be exposed before your peers. Tear down the wall.'

By Stan @ 16:21 PM CST:04:17:04 ..::Link::..