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04:28:2004 Entry: "Ann : This morning DREAM started out lighthearted enough..."

This morning DREAM started out lighthearted enough...

I was working for or with some guy (average middle-aged, average height, dark hair, balding, a little on the heavy one I know or know of) in a professional manner (I guess I was doing some graphics for him or something) and he was putting together a scripted TV commercial. It was very low budget, so he was getting people he was working with to act in the commercial. He cast me as a 'Flo'-type waitress (like from that bad 70s show, 'Alice')--I can't think of worse casting, personally, but I was happy to help him, and excited about my first acting role, even though I wouldn't be paid for it. I wanted to get into character, but was having a problem with my hair as I didn't know how to fix it in that silly upswept style. The man directed me to some woman he was working with who knew how to style hair. She started working on my hair, putting it in tight curls with bobbypins. As she worked on me, I asked her, 'this is a temporary style, isn't it?' She smiled, but didn't answer specifically. I sure hoped it was a temporary style. After she was done, she told me to wait 5 minutes with a towel on my head. After 5 minutes, I took the towel off. It wasn't what I had wasn't a 'Flo' style, but instead it was lightened, and worse, my bangs had been cut. I didn't want bangs, I wanted to keep my hair long. And not only were my bangs cut, but my hair was short on top too. And not only was it short on was also short...on the sides.

She had cut my hair into a mullett!!!! I started screaming...'She cut my hair into a mullett!!! I wanted to sue her for cutting my hair into a mullett. I woke up and as I was coming out of sleep, I could feel my legs thrashing and I was breathing heavily as I thrashed my body from side to side.

Mullett Nightmare!

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