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04:29:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Wrong Floyd. And vacuous babbling as I wait for my zeelver."

DREAM: Wrong Floyd. And vacuous babbling as I wait for my zeelver.

I dreamt I had a sexual dream with Nick Mason! (circa Live at Pompeii) Ha ha ha ha! I felt really guilty because I wanted it to be with Roger Waters! It was rather funny. Can't remember much of the dream though, just that I had it.

Have no idea what happened there...some glitch, some early April Fool's Joke. Nick was rather cute...not that I liike facial hair, but he did look good in the handlebar moustache. (Roger was the only one of the Floyds not to do the facial hair thing).

Anyway, I'm sitting here watching morning news waiting for my zeelver to arrive. I imported a bunch of silver bali beads direct from Indonesia. I've become an importer...maybe an exporter. We'll see. They give you this FedEx tracking number to watch it online as it arrives at its various destination. Last night it was still in Jakarta...but now it's on the Madison delivery truck. Amazing how fast package processing is. I can't go upstairs and work because delivery people inevitably NEVER ring the bell, and when they do, they don't allow for people to actually GET to the door. Which means they take the package with them and then I have to make a special trip to FedEx hdqrtrs. So I'm doing a grandma thing and waiting for the mailman to arrive. My grandmother did that. She'd just sit in the front porch and wait for the mailman to come. I can't imagine being that bored.

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