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04:29:2004 Entry: "Ann : more vaccuous babbling"

more vaccuous babbling

Isn't it amazing how you can live with someone for over 20 years and not be tired of them? Everyone else seems like post-slumber party from're all enthusiastic about the slumber party early in the night and having fun, but by the middle of the following morning you're so tired of them, and tired in general, and just want to go home and be by yourself. I guess some people have personalities that can grate on your nerves. It's amazing Stan and I don't grate on eachother's nerves. It's amazing we found eachother. We can get different interests and directions but we can still grow with eachother in those rather than apart. And it's amazing how much we have in common, how many things we find that we both take interest in together.

My zeelver arrived! The guy didn't even knock, just left it in the back door. I could've been here all morning if I didn't get the crazy idea to check...


Thank you, It's very sweet of you to write these things. I'm very happy that we connect with each other so well.

Posted by Stan @ 03:31:2004:08:12 PM CST

By Ann @ 11:24 AM CST:04:29:04 ..::Link::..