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04:29:2004 Entry: "Stan : April 1st"

April 1st

This work called, Cabalistic Pink Floyd Tarot is written to honor the always fateful passing of every March.

Listening to THE MADCAP LAUGHS by the 11th path, which is the Zero key and represents The Fool card.

Hear the sound E natural and see the color bright pale yellow. Here the soul encounters the spirit of the Silent Child Spirit of the Unknowable Darkness of Cosmos that Shines Through it's Unending Time and Space who is the scintillating intelligence because it is the final veil between the soul and the cause of causes. The Silent Child Spirit is the unknowable darkness underlining all desires which the soul had needed to attain an incarnate form. This androgynous child, holding a wolf on a leash, is the destroyer of all creation and returns the soul to it's original state which it was in before it entered the path of becoming incarnate in the material world. When thinking of The Fool card meditate on these lyrics: 'just searching - you even try, I can make you smile. If it's there will you go there too? When I live I die.'

By Stan @ 11:24 PM CST:04:29:04 ..::Link::..