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05:01:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: House Gone"

DREAM: House Gone

I dreamt that I looked out my house and something seemed different across the street. The houses seemed out of order or something. Then I realized the house directly across the street from us, the house where the old man lives, was gone. Levelled. All that was left was a foundation slab of sorts (even though there would in actuality be a basement left). It was as if some construction crew just removed it, but I was baffled because I hadn't heard any commotion or anything. It was just gone. Stan and I walked over and looked at what was left. There was some debris, like old wood. It looked in bad shape, and we figured that the old guy had died or had been committed to a nursing home and the house was in such bad shape that it wasn't worth saving or restoring. I'm sure the house is pretty much a mess inside, but I would think it would also probably be pretty pure as far as original design goes, unlike ours that has several generations of "mid-century updates" in certain areas of the house.

That house gives me the creeps, really. I've had lots of scary dreams about it, where there are a bunch of people living in there and they can see into our house.

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