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05:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : 'She robbed us Wisconsin Taxpayers!'"

'She robbed us Wisconsin Taxpayers!'

Is the pathetic cry I have been reading in forums and seeing on the local news. She is Audrey Seiler, the girl who was reportedly abducted right here in Madison. It later turned out to be false...there was no abductor. Audrey was found several days later in a marsh, alive, cold, achey and a bit disoriented. Audrey is obviously having some severe emotional problems.

When the threat to her life was still thought to be real, people set out to look for her. The police were just doing their jobs. Others volunteered. No one asked them--they volunteered. Volunteering has no guarantees. How could some feel 'ripped off' later when the non-abducted Audrey turned up later? Shouldn't they be happy she was not raped or beaten or worse? Shouldn't all us Madison residents be glad there's no boogey man on the loose, abducting young women? Did all they care about is their own hero status, that maybe THEY could have been the one to discover the evil abductor and rescue Audrey the Damsel in Disress, that they could turn Dudley Do-Right for a Day?

That they feel their status as Wisconsin Taxpayers is so threatened by one troubled young woman, it just goes to show how damn easy they all have it. This is the worse that has happened? That instead of turning up a crazed knife and gun weilding sadist/rapist, they turn up a troubled 20-year-old student who is probably cracking under the pressure of student life? This is awful? This witch should therefore be lynched!?

These people must never had had anything bad happen to them. They were probably too stupid to comprehend the pressures of being a good student, and if they were ever students, they probably just drank themselves into moronic oblivion from any stress they suffered. Raising hell on State Street in a loud drunken stupor and breaking windows...good stress relief. Disappearing into a swamp for a few days and lying about an abductor (that maybe she *really did see inside her head*)...bad stress relief.

No, Audrey may be having some severe emotional problems, but the mad ones, the crazy ones, are the ones who have come out like peasants with pitchforks crying for her bloodmoney to 'pay back the Wisconsin Taxpayers.'

Are the few cents that it cost you, Wisconsin Taxpayer, worth it? Is this how shallow your life is? How petty. You spoiled little brats with nothing better to do than raise a hullaballoo about how this is hurting your pocketbook. You sicken me.

By Ann @ 14:11 PM CST:05:02:04 ..::Link::..