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05:02:2004 Entry: "Stan : Madison in the Spring"

Madison in the Spring

I've been feeling quite sad about Audrey's situation. Everyone should be glad that she didn't end up committing suicide. Perhaps the pattern of her life had become too much for her to handle, and for the case of inventing her own abduction - at least she has an imagination. That is still far better than committing suicide.

The police and other officials were just doing their jobs and doing them well. They should be commended for not falsely booking some innocent bystander because they looked like the suspect.

I'm very sickened by all of the self righteous people who at first wanted to help find Audrey but later turned into an angry mob. You all remind me of the angry torch bearing and pitchfork carrying peasants from Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. Take a look in the mirror if you want to see a true monster! Did you really want to help someone in trouble or did you see yourself finding your own 15 min. of fame if you happened to find an abducted woman?

I feel very bad for you Audrey and I hope you can come to terms with your mental difficulties and find the courage to continue living your life.


i just read about audrey,s april fools joke. ireally am sick of a phoney america.i was a 17 yr old with lots of trouble.i was beaten for almost any thing i did or thought.but im not talking about abuse which i also hate. So at 17 i joined the marine corps(big mistake)in bootcamp i saw my 1st joint. iwas in a 5 car wreck which totaled my car. i went ti sickbay, adn was giving darvon. i went to a specalist after writting ltr to my congressman,for over 6 mos only to have him tell me he was only trying to prove i was faking pain. that really amde me angry. he said if i was going to be released id have to sign wavier or say in and have exploretory surgery.ha like i mwas going to let him cut on my back.ive had back problems for over 30 years, and other problems. thats not what i want to talk about. remember i saw my 1st joint in bootcamp.well after my accident i was introduced to the healing herb called pot.for us to have a 30+ yr war over this is crazy.any commander in chief that would support this sort of war on his own country is worse than hitler.ive meet people with aids gloucoma problems,assma,and even cancer problems.doctors here in kentucky were using pot to cure there patients 50 yrs use to be the #1 crop(still is).i had a brother Gary he was almost killed in nam.arm was fuzzed leg and back were hit by mortar. he came back to his american garranteed job and they wanted him to sweep the floor. after beeing humilliated there for 10 yrs or so he went through a bad divorce and lost his daughter (hurt him the rest of his life.he moved to his grandparents farm in the 80,s.he bought a trailer and put it on my grandfathers land. my grandfather died and left us the farm. my grandmother lived there unill the next century. My brother lived there and never hurt anyone. but he also was introduced to pot in the service.(esspealally nam).and he loved to grow pot,and became very good at it.for about 10 yrs he grew the best pot anywhere...he was proud of it anyone come around hed show them his prety buds.everyone knew he greww big buds every year.even the local law came and try to get him to work with them and hed be protected. he ran them off. On of kys fineist officers tried to break in his garrage to steal his harvest 1 yr. he failed.well the county taxed him 40 dollars or so on a van taht wasnt running and it made him mad so mad he worte fuck the law on his damaged garrage door(by the law) and this angered 1 of his neighbors becvause he didnt want his grand kids to see this. Rumor is this neighbor and one of the biggest drug dealer are what im sayingb he wasnt turned in for pot but profanity. hundreds of state police with at least five helicoptorscame in on august 8 1993 and murdered him. i also moved on my grandfathers farm in 1991.I was there that day and saw the murder take place that would blow a person with a heart away. the courts , Attys judges cnty attys clrk of courts you name it went into protect the law mode and did just that.and they got away with murder. the same people that turned my brother.jumped me on my property beat me up threating me and my family. telling me they knew everything about me (meantioning things you could pull up on a trp.thats illeagal without my signature.the county atty which they went to school with and partyed with ran me out of the county.i sold my farm which i loved and moved. then i see a local newspaper and see that the little lying worm of county is a judge.that reall sickened me.this puke of a judge worte 3 false charges on me plus other unbelivable things and hes a judge. hes also partners of the #1 DRUG DEALER. IN FACT A COUSIN OF MINE WHO ALSO PARTYED WITH THEM SAID HIS nickname was pillsbury doe boy because when hed get coke on his nose everyone would laugh and say he looked like the doe boy.i told my wife that it sickened me to think that lying little crook was a judge and she said but think how many more like him there is out there. i said i know. its true theres millions of people sworn in to offices that dont mean nothing to them so therefore our country is GONE. take the goofball thats in the whitehouse.or the one there before him You remember hillary right. my problems are at a head now and believe me i havent said it all now. but i would like to hear from other people that know theres no hope in country getting better. take iraq. we attacked in early 90,s and devastated the brother was stronglly against george bush for attacking iraq.i didnt understand why then but i do now. he told me in 91 that bush was a evil president and a liar. because iraq asked the us if it was ok to take kiwatt.look what happened.clinton used attack on iraq to divert. thats evil.little george lied every time he opens his mouth.he wanted this war before he was in charge. he should be impeached.look at the war now that its over people getting killed almost every day. i dont blame the iraqi pepole america is not a good example.we have enough to keep us busy here instead of going somewhere they hate us. we should help mexico become a better country. look at that cluster fuck. and cuba americas answer attack.... well ive been beaten all my life it dont work. you show by kindness and example.not the ignorant military way there all a bunch of morons that dont believe in democracy. they told me in bootcamp they werent no democracy. there aint none here in america either and dont tell me yea its got its problems but its still the best place in the world. bullshit i belive americas the big lie

Posted by bill shepherd @ 04:03:2004:11:38 PM CST

By Stan @ 14:11 PM CST:05:02:04 ..::Link::..