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05:18:2004 Entry: "Ann : Thought I'd use this space to show off some of my latest creations..."

Thought I'd use this space to show off some of my latest creations...

...since I'm pretty tired of writing.

Fluorite Necklace. It's not amethyst.


Oh wow

Posted by Nico @ 04:30:2004:04:01 AM CST

Hey Nico, Thanks for the Link @ your place! That was really sweet of you!

Posted by Ann @ 05:01:2004:01:17 PM CST

It's beautiful! .. your digital art imitating jewelry .. or, err .. vise versa, I mean.. either way .. you rock! (no pun intended .. or err, yeah .. let's keep the pun). Are you going to start selling them online? I'll check back. *grin*

Posted by Marlee @ 05:01:2004:07:09 PM CST

Hi Marlee, yes I am selling them...check the link above or go here:


Posted by Ann @ 05:02:2004:08:41 AM CST

By Ann @ 13:36 AM CST:05:18:04 ..::Link::..