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05:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : Expose spinal column, insert knife."

Expose spinal column, insert knife.

Never again will I feel guilty for thinking I haven't been a good enough friend, because sooner or later that person will come around to stabbing me (us) in the back.

How can someone say he'll take Stan and me out to dinner *after* his income tax refund arrives in exchange for Stan doing his taxes for him (a dinner...what would that be...$30 tops? That's stretching it..more like $20 at the kind of restaurants HE wants to go to), meanwhile he somehow magically has $100 to WIRE to some greedy money-grubbing SKANK that he *claims* he doesn't like and who broke all his furniture because she's somewhere in the vacinity of 500 lbs just because SHE claims she's out of meds and doesn't have the money for them? WTF??????!!!!! Yeah, that $100 is really going toward meds.

Nope, no guilt for me. Not anymore.

I'm going to stop wasting my time...

By Ann @ 01:11 PM CST:05:02:04 ..::Link::..