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05:03:2004 Entry: "Ann : Stupid."


Boyfriend for hire.

This is the whole problem with people. So many people are emotional homosexuals but they're sexual heterosexuals. What do I mean by that? So many women are emotional lesbians. They can only relate to women stuff...women movies, shopping, etc., and guys are emotionally gay (hear me out here, I don't mean gay as in effeminate, I mean gay as in guy on guy relationships), football games, football games, football games. So few (sexually heterosexual) people are able to share in their interests together. I think Stan and I are rare in that we ENJOY doing things together, we enjoy eachothers interests. I would be bored shopping all day and only do it when I need something desparately, not just for the sport of it. If my husband was (which he isn't, but if he was) interested in watching football games all weekend, I'd gladly join him. In fact, if anyone ever suggests turning on a football game in our house it's me.

You know what I hate is when you're put in the situation of conversing with another heterosexual couple and somehow--I don't know how this happens, but it inevitably does--we somehow pair off. I KNOW I don't initiate it and neither does's always the other couple. The woman starts talking closer to me, and the man starts looking only at Stan because he's talking about some guy subject (the other guy, not Stan) that he just ASSUMES only Stan would be interested in. Drives me nuts.

Seriously, I don't know how these relationships last. I guess many don't. All I know is I'll never, EVER be involved with a non-gender-mixed group of people again. No thank you Bob. There is nothing worse than being with about 5 other just degenerates to the lowest form of girlism.


Yes, it's like that when couples meet, woman talk to woman and man to man - and men really talk a lot of shit when you don't know them too well and they try to talk about manstuff - but most people drive me nuts anyway, so gender is not an issue. When that's said, I think women and men are more equal over here than over there, at least I don't notice much difference whether I talk to a man or a woman, unless they're very young or already over the hill.

Posted by Nico @ 05:11:2004:02:08 AM CST

You're probably right about people being different where you are, Nico, although I don't have first-hand experience. Sometimes I look at how society/culture has "advanced" here and sometimes I think that the whole middle/latter half of the last century never happened, at least the progressive or enlightened aspects never happened. Sometimes it makes the 1950s look downright liberal. Maybe I'm just becoming a curmudgeon, though.

Actually, I take that back. This society (America) is incredibly divided. There's the half that are probably more like the Europeans, and then there's the other half. It's almost like a cultural civil war. Maybe this country is just made to be torn in two, either geographically, politically or culturally.

Posted by Ann @ 05:11:2004:09:18 AM CST

By Ann @ 09:57 AM CST:05:03:04 ..::Link::..