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05:06:2004 Entry: "Ann : My Second Seinfeld Dream"

My Second Seinfeld Dream

Perhaps I should've written down my *first* Seinfeld dream. I was sick that day, I think, so that's why I didn't.

First Seinfeld Dream (sometime last week, I think): I was talking to Kramer...something about how all of us (I guess that would be the cast of Seinfeld and me, maybe Stan too, I can't remember) had big heads, except for George. I then told Kramer it was because George had a smaller nose, that people with big noses have to also have a head size to accommodate them. We had a chuckle over that.

Second Seinfeld Dream (last night): This is rather embarrassing, but it was late at night at my parents house, and a bunch of people were outside playing on my parents lawn. What, we're in our 40s, and we're playing like kids? Anyway, Jerry Seinfeld was there, and he was joking about things in his usual Seinfeld way, and I found myself strangely attracted to him, like silly girl crush attracted. We started talking, just us two alone, and it was very silly.

Allrighty, I've loved Seinfeld (the Show) constantly since the early 90s, but I never knew I was attracted to Jerry. I mean, after all, Jerry *does* have that EVIL side that Stan knows what I'm talking about that reminds me of :::someone we sort of know...used to know very well::: that I obviously don't find attractive. (I don't think Jerry Seinfeld really has that side to him, but on the show when he made certain expressions, it resembled :::that person::: so much). Yet at the same time he also resembles Bob Geldof in The Wall, (or visa-versa), so maybe there's a little Pink in Jerry, which is the part I like? So if you created the bastard offspring of Roger Waters and :::that person we know::: would you get Jerry Seinfeld? Have I completely lost my marbles now, Stan? Actually, I can sort of see it.

The odd thing is that in many ways I feel like I've lost my sense of humour, but maybe that's just my appreciation for *certain* things. I still find Seinfeld hilarious. However, and I've been through this before, I'm really sick of certain Onionesque humour. There's a show playing at the Barrymore called 'Late Night Catechism' that hoards of people are going to see, and each time Stan and I drive past, we cringe at the thought of's so...bobble-headed nun puppet. Look, either be religious or don't and get over it and leave it alone, but this hanging on to your childhood memories of Sister Knucklewhacker as a liberated yet Closet Catholic is just the exact thing that drives me up a wall. And I know Tim is like that. If he knew about that show, he'd want to see it. Spare me.


testing greymatter

Posted by Ann @ 05:09:2004:10:50 PM CST

Off topic: How is it going with the new dog, Lucifer Sam? Is he getting along well with the other pets?

Posted by Nico @ 05:13:2004:07:00 AM CST

He's doing great! He loves all the other pets and they love him too. Of course there's a little rivalry between him and Plato, but that's to be expected. Actually, he really looks up to Plato a lot, watches what he does a lot, and immitates him, even now that he's nearly 1.5 years old. He's such a sweetie. I really should add pictures of him sometime.

Posted by Ann @ 05:13:2004:08:31 AM CST

He's that old already? It's like you got him yesterday. And yes, you should add some pictures :)

Posted by Nico @ 05:13:2004:01:15 PM CST

Wow, I can't believe I missed this last post. I should add pictures. Maybe soon...

Posted by Ann @ 05:18:2004:10:16 AM CST

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