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07:03:2004 Entry: "Ann : I had this dream the night before last"

I had this dream the night before last

I was in bed with Brian Eno. I actually don't remember anything much sexual...he really didn't look too much like himself, but it was him nonetheless. After he left the bed, I saw that he left me two tickets to a performance of his in Milwaukee on some Sunday (like as if). I showed them to Stan and asked Stan if he had the weekend off. I told him I had to go, but Stan said he had to work. I pleaded with him to call in sick, and I remember saying, 'We have to go! Brian Eno and Roger Waters are the only two people I would go to the ends of the earth to see!'

Which begs the questions:
Is Milwaukee an end of the earth? Or just an end?
Which is more absurd from a 'yeah, that's really going to happen' standpoint, being in bed with Brian Eno or Brian Eno performing in Milwaukee?
And I was IN BED WITH BRIAN ENO FERFREAKSAKES....why was it so important for me to go to another city to see his performance? Heh.


I once heard that the Ramons were from Milwaukee. I suppose the kind of person who might think something like that would be an Onion reader.

Posted by Stan @ 06:17:2004:10:57 PM CST

(yeah, and people who misspell bands' names are probably cactus growers. Heh.)

I don't know if it's so much being an Onion reader as it is not giving a damn about music and not understanding it in a context other than image. But then if you look at The Onion, its whole mission is one of intentional vapidness which reflects on the malaise that infects those adults who are nothing but overgrown children and can't take anything serious in life and think it's just one big gag gift.

Posted by Ann @ 06:17:2004:11:07 PM CST

Now that some time has passed, I do wonder if some people even "get" the Onion. I don't mean those people who dislike the Onion and don't find it funny (not people like us who used to find it funny and now just find it tiresome, but those like our parents who wouldn't *ever* find it funny...I'm not talking about those people), I mean those who think it's God's gift to journalism, but still don't really *get* it, if you know what I mean.

Posted by Ann @ 06:17:2004:11:10 PM CST

It's probably genetic-whether a person understands satire or not and maybe whether satire ever becomes saTiresom to someone or not. Well, of course some life experience has to be involved too.

Posted by Stan @ 06:17:2004:11:16 PM CST

I love that... SaTiresome

Posted by Ann @ 06:17:2004:11:18 PM CST

What I said up there..."not understanding it in a context other than image" or whatever...I would think that if someone would attempt to understand The Ramones, for instance, only based on image, why on earth would one think, even based just on that, that they came from Milwaukee?

Somehow I think the lack of announced rebellion has a lot to do with this...playing a different person around your friends than when you're around your parents, hiding, as if you still feared their wratch as you did when you were 13. I think these things are related--never becoming your own person never allows you to fully develop interests where you delve deeply into your subject of interest, but instead linger on the surface and pretend you know a lot when you don't. In a way, this reminds me of Mark, you know? How he thought I was kooky because I was so into music, but I thought it was strange that he was so ambivalent?

I hate ambivalence. Especially when someone is using a cloaking device when you meet them and you have no idea it's there, only to turn up later and disappoint you with an epiphany that they never really understood.

Posted by Ann @ 06:18:2004:08:21 AM CST

Duh...wratch=wrath. I can't type too well early in the morning.

Posted by Ann @ 06:18:2004:08:22 AM CST

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