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07:03:2004 Entry: "Ann : It Won't Stop"

It Won't Stop

Yes, we had a deal going that when Reagan died, I would treat Stan and Tim to a meal, just as when the Pope dies, Tim will supposedly treat us. No, I did not like Reagan, and yes, I am sick of the 24-hour All Reagan All The Time news coverage (which I am trying to avoid at the cost of not knowing what else is going on in world momentarily). But that does not mean he had to get us a tacky gag gift of a newspaper photo clipping of Reagan being shot, framed in a tacky frame. Stan says, and I agree, just because you do not like someone for their politics and are glad when their era is over, does not mean you want gruesome reminders of gory things in their life. The 'gift' was in very poor taste and just shows that Tim does not and never has, understood us. I fear the tacky crap he will get me for my birthday. He might as well just make a tax-deductible donation straight to St. Vincent's (2nd hand charity thrift store in town) because that's where his stuff ends up.


It might have been funny if the picture had been something from a fictional movie, but it was a real life event. Not funney!

Posted by Stan @ 06:17:2004:11:00 PM CST

By Ann @ 12:02 PM CST:07:03:04 ..::Link::..