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07:12:2004 Entry: "Ann : Amazonite"



link: my gemstone jewelry


I love this set: (red jasper)

If you ever make something with red jasper or carnelian without the heart shapes I will definitely be buying that set, provided I can beat any others to it!

I just love the set I bought from you so far.

I wear it a LOT!

One of my friends here, Verena, may order a set from you when she's back from vacation.

I am going to get another set soon, I just bought a new/used camera though, so I am too broke for any jewelry for the month of July.

I love coming to check out the new stuff! I am sl glad you started doing this, it looks like it's really taking off!


Posted by Kimberly @ 06:27:2004:11:51 PM CST

Thanks, Kimberly! I'm glad you like it! Yeah, I won't make everything with hearts, but I just couldn't resist the heart beads, especially the ones with red or pink stones. Maybe I'm a silly girly romantic afterall! LOL! (I collect heartshaped boxes too)

Posted by Ann @ 06:28:2004:09:25 AM CST

Oh! I remember that! That you collect heart shaped boxes.

Was that before or after the Nirvana song?

I love *boxes* of all kinds, but my favorite shape is a star, then a triangle.

I think the heart beads are really nice looking and I am sure those sets will sell because a lot of people really like hearts.

It's just something about the shape for me, not the symbolism, that makes me not wish to wear them.

I also prefer pendants which are longer than they are wide, like my pendant on my necklace from you.

*Love it!* If it wasn't 5:53am I would shower, get dressed and wear it, but that will have to wait for later...when I wake up enough and the places I have to go today are open :)

Posted by Kimberly @ 06:28:2004:10:51 PM CST

Before the song, actually! I saved one from every V-day. I especially liked the ones that were just absurdly adorned with red velvet and plastic or silk flowers. Better than the candy that was inside. Yikes...that really blows my austere image, doesn't it? LOL!

Posted by Ann @ 06:29:2004:08:48 AM CST

By Ann @ 11:40 AM CST:07:12:04 ..::Link::..