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07:14:2004 Entry: "Ann : I am a stupid moron."

I am a stupid moron.

Yesterday, Stan and I went to Pug Fest (a gathering of some 30-odd Madison-area pug owners and of course their pugs) at one of the local dog parks, near where Stan works, actually. We brought Lucifer Sam.

And I forgot to bring a camera.


He threw up on the way over. Probably because Mommy was driving ('cause Stan was going to meet me there since he was working that day) and Plato wasn't with him. At first, he seemed a little nervous about being there, just keeping to the edges of the field. Then he started to pal around with another black pug and his owners, until he wandered so far and he wondered where we were, then he came running back to us. We kept pouring water on him so that he wouldn't overheat...although he was probably handling the heat better than the fawn pugs who have that noxious thick undercoat. All the fawn pugs were panting ("happa happa happah haaa") a lot, and it reminded me that I REALLY DO NOT MISS that rasping noise we heard every summer when Hieronymus was with us...he was an especially loud raspy panter. Then he started playing more with the other pugs. It was so fun to see him interact with "his kind". He also seemed to respond more to other black pugs as opposed to fawn it really makes me wonder how dogs perceive themselves.

The sweetest thing was, though, is when we got back home. We were all pretty pooped out and lied down on the futon. Plato and Lucifer Sam didn't just sleep next to eachother, they slept with eachothers heads on eachother. They were so glad to see eachother...Plato missed Lucifer Sam (Plato gets bad separation anxiety, not so much separation from us, but separation from the other dog in the house) and it was as if LS was telling Plato that he's still his buddy dog, despite all the pugs he met that afternoon.


:o) ..but you really should have brought a camera

Posted by Nico @ 06:29:2004:05:14 AM CST

I know. I can't believe that. I didn't even think of it beforehand and then forget it that day. It didn't even enter my mind at all, ever, until I was there staring at all these pugs and people were snapping pics and then I know, I have one of those...why didn't I bring it? It was really funny, Lucifer Sam tried to steal the picture space from other pugs when their owners would try and shoot them. He was a real ham in front of the camera! (Lucifer Ham). As I told Stan, "Imagine that, Lucifer wanting to be a star...."

Posted by Ann @ 06:29:2004:08:52 AM CST

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