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08:11:2004 Entry: "Ann : i don't like thursdays"

i don't like thursdays

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Thursdays SUCK. In Mythology, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, which is expansive, and so when things go wrong, they go wrong in a BIG way.

Woke up and everything seemed fine, got an order for a graphic image, but when I tried to locate the image on my computer, it was GONE. Tried to resurrect it with Norton Utilities, but no luck. I know I accidentally deleted it at some point because I know I was clearing out its folder and probably accidentally grabbed something thinking it was trash and it was the file. Unfortunately, I did a backup on Monday. I say unfortunately, because had I not backed up, my file would still be in the backup because when I backup, I 'update' rather than add everything because i don't have room to add evrythig, if that makes sense. I don't give a damn about typos right now either. Spent the entire morning trying out demo undelete/file recovery programs to no avail. Then I finally tried Norton on my backup, and wonder of wonders, I found the file. It was there. Intact. I was shocked and soooo happy. But the happy soon turned. I tried to email my customer to tell her that I found it, that I won't have to cancel her order, but my email wouldn't go. Charter wouldn't acknowledge any problems, so I'm trying to unplug my cable modem and all that crap they tell you to do (when it's not YORU fault in the first place) to no avail. It's always chrter's fault. Teh only time it's my fault is when a dog unplugs it. But all the other tmes its charter. Gaaah. But in the process of reachng for the phone to call charter, I find that someone had tried to call. it was tim's mom saying that he had a 'spell' or something and they had toambulance im to the emergency room. Holy crap. I knew they released him too soon, tnere's no way I would want to go home if I had water on my lungs and still fighting an infection postop. But no, Tim didn't want to stay in the ospital. And I guess they don't argue with patients anymore or override their wishes when their life is in danger. Crap crap crap. Anyway, the hospital said they needed the bedspace, so they released him on monday. And here it's tnursday, the day when if somethig goes wrong, it goes wrong in a big way.

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