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08:11:2004 Entry: "Ann : What the?"

What the?

I can reach this site at But not with the www. in front. Same with Stan's new site (can't say the name yet as it's under construction) I can reach ann-s-thesia any way. I can't reach eyebalm or dingbatcave at all, www. or no. This doesn't make sense to me. I am very confused. I am very nervous and scared.

I still cannot believe a hospital would release a patient with water on the lungs fighting an infection. That seems so wrong, regardless of what the patient said he wanted.


I can reach all the sites, www or not so they're there and the dns seem ok, at least for me.

Posted by Nico @ 07:16:2004:02:30 AM CST

It might just be my connection or cable or the main line my cable connects to or whatever it is called. I'm glad other people can reach them. I don't care if other people reach this site, but my other sites are what's important.

Posted by Ann @ 07:16:2004:05:50 PM CST

By Ann @ 10:21 PM CST:08:11:04 ..::Link::..