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08:20:2004 Entry: "Ann : Anothyr Poste"

Anothyr Poste

I'm all for creative word combinations and twists on spelling and all around inventive ways of using language and hybridizing phrases. I do it myself all the time, witness the title of this website: Ornamental and Mental Illness = OrnamentalIllness. The Dingbatcave is a combination of Dingbat (what I make and sell) and Batcave. I've done this a lot. I like to see it done. But one type of creative spelling that has been a plague for decades, it seems, is the use of 'Y' where 'I' should be, and the addition of 'E' at the end of words to give it an Old, excuse me, Olde Englysh effect.

Why is this needed? Do we really need anymore 'Olde Towne Squares' or 'Westwynde Pointe' housing developments? Didn't our current English spelling advance beyond this for a reason? Why do we feel the need to harken back to that outmoded system?


It's bugging me.

Just need to vent and to get my mind of the important stuff that's giving me major stress. This is just fun stress.

By Ann @ 13:36 PM CST:08:20:04 ..::Link::..