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08:28:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAMs...Past Couple Nights"

DREAMs...Past Couple Nights

The night before last I dreamt some people had given me a dog. It was a younger dog, maybe about 25 pounds, black with white toes and bib, soft fur and with a snout, not a real long snout, but not like our push faces, mixed breed. The people who gave me the dog also gave me an ibook! I was confused why they were being so nice to me. I guess the dog was a pound puppy, and they thought we'd be good adoptive parents, saving its life. I was wondering how on earth we were going to manage 3 dogs...2 is quite a handful as it is, but we have 2 to keep eachother company (I personally think it's best, being an only child I don't want to raise my dogs as 'only dogs'). I woke up after the dream, but when I went back to sleep, I kept dreaming the same dream!

Last night I dreamt I was on a campus and the buildings were really old. I think I'm having a reocurring dream lately of being in a very old parking garage, in fact, it's so old it's like a Roman Collisseum...Pompeii Amphitheatre? It's very claustrophobic with many levels, very spooky to find your way out of.

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