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09:09:2004 Entry: "Ann : So this dream sort of came true"

So this dream sort of came true "Haz Mat Dream"

They weren't wearing haz mat suits, and there wasn't a weird duct thing, but police descended on our yard and general neighborhood with flashlights looking for something. Turns out there was a body in our alley behind our house. I had heard noises earlier...just loud talking, stupid people talk, you know? Someone called the cops, but I don't know who. I gave reports of what I heard/saw to two policemen. The TV news at night said they were shot, but the last policeman/detective I talked to said that report was premature and they don't know the full details yet. I looked out the window upstairs and heard a policeman saying, "I'm in the alley where the body was found but we don't know whether the crime occurred here or whether the body was dropped off here," or something to that effect.

I won't be getting much sleep tonight.

That dream was Sooooooo similar in every way to what actually happened, except for the hazmat suits and the duct thing. Oh, and we didn't have to evacuate our house.

Ironically, Stan took a few days off this week and next so he can catch up on some work at home. If he had to go to work, he'd have to call in because our cars, which are parked in our parking lot in the alley, are behind police tape. I hope we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow. Fortunately, Jennifer Market is in walking distance, as is a stupid little post office. Who knows how long this crime scene will last.

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