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09:09:2004 Entry: "Ann : Here's a link to the story from our local paper's web page"

Here's a link to the story from our local paper's web page


Wow. Thank goodness niether of you were out with the dogs or something and that you're both OK!


Posted by Kimberly @ 08:19:2004:11:32 AM CST

Thanks Kimberly! We didn't hear gunshots or anything, just loud people talking, which is pretty much par for this obnoxious apartment building two doors down so I didn't think anything of it. They're ruling out homicide for now, but it's still suspicious. I mean, who finds a body in an alley and phones from a convenience store? If you're down an alley, you probably live nearby or know someone nearby. If you don't have a cellphone, you'd most likely go back to your (or their) house to call, not to a convenience store. It's just suspicious. We've talked to other people around here, and we all want to tear that apartment building's nothing but trouble, every single week it seems like there's a commotion there, and now it's like every day. It's a blight on an otherwise WONDERFUL neighborhood. Damn slumlords.

Posted by Ann @ 08:19:2004:02:33 PM CST

That's just SO SO crappy when someone builds a low-rent crap building in an otherwise decent neighborhood.

I swear, we need a whole other planet a la Australia where we can put the degenerates.

I mean, I don't want to be all "We're better than they are" but you know what? People who aren't hoodlums ARE better than those who are.

I hope the police step up their patrol in that area after this and that maybe the scum will migrate.

Seems like they do that when they cannot be scum comfortably any longer.

Best wishes on that front.

Please excuse the rant, but I know how you feel here and this is just one reason why I am happy to live in the town I live in.

Posted by Kimberly @ 08:20:2004:01:17 AM CST

The link doesn't work, but I guess your posts very much covers it. Don't know what to say. Glad you and Stand are both alright.

Posted by Nico @ 08:20:2004:04:36 AM CST

Everything was really quiet last night. Guess one doesn't want to go back to crackhouse central when one of your homies kicked it the other night. Actually, the man who died was could've been a heart attack/stroke, who knows. I'm still suspecting an OD, though.

The slumpartment building is 93 years old...ours is 96, so it's not like it's a new thing, and I don't know what it was like years ago, but it went from being just an apartment for student-types when we first bought our house 14 years ago to being a rundown apartment for scum. No upkeep was the big reason for the deterioration.

Our neighborhood is a BIG target area for yuppification, and although as much as I abhor yuppification and rising property taxes, in this instance it would be an improvement over what is there now. I think the developers in the neighborhood would have incentive to do something about this building because of their gentrification mission. (Although too much gentrification can become too twee and Disney-like, which is also annoying).

Posted by Ann @ 08:20:2004:10:01 AM CST

By Ann @ 11:07 AM CST:09:09:04 ..::Link::..