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09:09:2004 Entry: "Ann : Rose Garden Funeral of Sores"

Rose Garden Funeral of Sores

They removed the police tape in the alley minutes ago. Stan was talking to a detective earlier, and he said that the scratches around the man's head were determined not to be from a fight or anything, but from our wild rose bushes that we have planted behind the garage. The guy dropped dead into our rose bushes! Pretty damn macabre. I think the Bauhaus song title in the subject of this post is very appropriate.


Yes, that's very macabre. I can imagine that I would feel weird about it if a guy died like that in my bushes.

Posted by Nico @ 08:20:2004:04:44 AM CST

It's a very weird feeling! Not to mention that the word "Rose" has a very weird significance for us both. My mother's middle name is Rose, as was her aunt's (Czech equivalent...Ruza). Stan was born at Rose Memorial Hosptial, and there's also another connection concerning his biological side which I don't feel I'm at liberty to divulge on a public site at the moment (e-me if you want to know). I know I'm probably forgetting another "rose" connection, but it's just a very weird thing.

I'm just thankful he didn't drop dead in our cactuses!

Posted by Ann @ 08:20:2004:10:47 AM CST

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