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09:10:2004 Entry: "Ann : You know what really pisses me off?"

You know what really pisses me off?

So-called "Web Standards" web designers who feel like they can pick apart me and my sites because I use tables (heaven forbid) and because they find one misspelling in my terms (by certain *other* web standards, one misspelling makes me a saint!) , but when you go to their sites, they're boring as hell, the pictures don't show up on certain browsers, hover links turn to a color which cannot be read, and well, their design is just plain pedestrian--like a business man in a grey suit--and their content is equally boring!

Where do these anal standards people come from? And where do they have room to complain about ME? Damn, I really hate these code nazis.

Actually, what these boring little code geeks remind me of is the old sexually-repressed PVAL duck painters Stan and I had to deal with back in Colorado. A bunch of old biddies and geezers who were hung up on the realist school of art, and anything expressionistic or abstract or NUDE they frowned upon as not being "good art." All they were obsessed with was getting the feathers of the duck just so, but in actuality, they weren't even good by realist standards! That's what these code geeks are like, getting the code "just so", but when you look at their designs and content you seizure into a yawning spasm! All their blogs talk about is the latest code for a certain blogging software, framed by white, grey, and maybe a splash of blue. They eschew anything expressionistic, anything with color, and the designs that they do approve of that do have color, know not how to USE color. Bright green bar here, orange background. And they call that good design. Oh please. It's simplistic and lame. And it takes a millisecond faster to load, which is good, right? Who cares?

OK, first of all, they won't design for MSIE 5 which is supposedly SOOOOOO outdated, yet, out of the other side of their mouth they're so interested in designing fast sites so that it'll be accessible to all people at varying internet speeds. Isn't this rather hypocritical? If they want to be inclusive, why don't they design for MSIE 5? If all they're concerned about is designing for the hip (not us lamers who use MSIE 5), then why be so concerned about speed since all the hip are also on high bandwidth? I say that they don't practice what they preach, and they're only designing whichever is convenient (it's convenient for their nerdy brains to make due without tables and load fast and screw it if it looks like crap in MSIE) but it's not convenient to design something that is actually visually interesting and outside of the norm of IBM (remember IBM from the 80s?) grey suit blue tie type sites.

That's what those sites are like...businessmen from the 80s. The whole corporate boring look. Oooh, put on a red tie/orange background. That'll show you're actually exciting.. Ooooh.

Look, I wouldn't have a problem with them if they didn't start attacking me for what I do with my designs, live and let live, I say, but once they cross that line, watch out.


Fuck them. Cause you're great :)

Posted by Nico @ 08:23:2004:06:34 AM CST

Thanks, Nico! :)

Posted by Ann @ 08:23:2004:10:26 AM CST

By Ann @ 19:36 AM CST:09:10:04 ..::Link::..