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09:10:2004 Entry: "Stan : Roses Growing in the North"

Roses Growing in the North

Today I saw a small black bird sitting above the place where the man died a few days ago. The bird looked at me and then flew directly over my head and to the west where it perched for a few moments. The small bird then flew to the north and disapeared out of sight.

The man's spirt has surely returned home and I feel better that he is no longer lingering where I live. The thoughts that remain with me are these:

It is a shame that he died in the company of false friends and companions who must be the sort of ignorant people who have no respect for the ill or the dead. I - myself - would prefer to live a solitary and lonely life in this world than to spend time in the company of people who pretend to be my friends and then leave me to die alone on a cold dark street.

The flower of the rose is considered by many to show an expression of true devotion and love. It is impossible to avoid the irony of someone dying on the branch of a rose bush and having been left there by people who apparently had no devotion or love for him.

I have thought about setting a flower out in the place where he died, but when he died his body was laying across the branches of a rose bush I planted many years ago. When I see these roses boom every summer from now on I will be reminded of this man. I hope he is has found better companions with true hearts in his new home.


Very nice entry.
I totally agree on the solitary and lonely life - I guess it's sometimes more lonely to be among people of the kind you describe than being physically alone.

Posted by Nico @ 08:23:2004:06:43 AM CST

Thank you

Posted by Stan @ 08:23:2004:10:10 AM CST

By Stan @ 19:36 PM CST:09:10:04 ..::Link::..