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09:11:2004 Entry: "Ann : Doggie Sandwich"

Doggie Sandwich

Who says cats and dogs don't get along? Plato and Lucifer Sam were lying together on the futon, and Persephone came along and squeezed herself between them! After the camera went off, Plato naturally had to leave the scene of the crime, embarrassed that I caught him in such a compromising position.
doggiesandwich (33k image)


AWWW! What a gang:)
Pictures like that gets me in a very good mood:)
And Lucifer Sam's face is priceless! Wish I could blow my husband's asthma away so that we could have dogs again... sigh...

Posted by Tove @ 08:22:2004:12:27 PM CST

It's too bad your husband's asthma bothers him and he can't have dogs. Have you considered getting a hairless? Supposedly they recommend those to people with dog allergies, but I don't know how hard they are to find, or if it would be different with asthma.

My other cat, Caligula (not shown) does give me allergies if I pet him too much, so I just remember to pet him a little bit and then immediately wash my hands. Or I pet him with my foot...that usually works, and he still likes it.

Lucifer Sam has the sweetest face...I just stare at it and marvel at how silly/cute/funny he is!

Posted by Ann @ 08:22:2004:03:32 PM CST

Great picture :)

Posted by Nico @ 08:23:2004:06:35 AM CST

By Ann @ 17:13 AM CST:09:11:04 ..::Link::..