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09:12:2004 Entry: "Ann : I should've just stayed in bed"

I should've just stayed in bed

Cable's down (well, obviously it was up at some point if you are now reading this, right?). What's so frustrating is that you call in and on Charter's message line they state these communities that are experiencing internet problems, but they don't say YOUR community, even though you have no cable! And the digital TV is effed-up too. But at least with the internet, they have a message so you don't have to wait to talk to a person, and you can surmise from the fact that there is indeed a message acknowledging a problem somewhere that yes, the problem is coming from them and not from you. But no, with the digital TV you have to wait who knows how long to talk to someone and I can't afford the minutes, not just from what Cingular charges as overage on your day plan, but from a time perspective either. Of course if you tell Charter that you need the internet for the work you do, they say you need to get the business package and I can't afford that because it is an OUTRAGEOUS cost (men in suits and panneled-pants type cost...not women in ratty slippers), and who's to say that won't leave you in the lurch when they're effed-up at HQ either?

Stan and I aways say that 'Kevin is on the shift' when Charter goes down, Kevin being the doofus dumbass employee, taken from the Kevin character in Repo Man.

I'm having the sensation that the world's not moving fast enough for me. Usually I don't get that this time of year...maybe it's the hormone level change in my BC pills...who knows.

About the dead man...of course this story has dropped off the face of local media, thank you Madison Press for SHOWING MY HOUSE, SHOWING MY KITCHEN WINDOW, SHOWING MY NEIGHBORS' HOUSES, SHOWING OUR MURAL ON OUR RETAINING WALL when we had nothing to do with it and didn't even know about what the hell happened and why the hell police were descending on our neighborhood like there was a toxic spill ONLY TO FIND OUT that the guy probably was just drunk beyond stupidity and couldn't stand up and fell and hit his head and that's why he died, or at least that's what I heard through the grapevine from someone who knows people in the press, but the press themselves aren't releasing anything. It was so simple...the guy was drunk off his ass, fell down, hit his head, suffered a concussion and died. That's all there was to it. No murder, nothing. Blood was from the rose bushes where he fell. But no, it was a real big deal, neighborhood held hostage by police tape and press hype and all.

In case you couldn't tell, I really hate the press. I can't remember if I've written this before, but how many times have you been watching something on the news and it is on a topic that you know VERY WELL and the news story gets it ALL WRONG? And then you wonder how many things you hear reported that you are not that well-versed in or know nothing about but that are also wrong? You have no way of knowing if it is accurate or wrong, but from my experience, everything I've KNOWN about has been inaccurate, so I'm just assuming with that track record, everything the press touches they mangle really bad with disinformation. I've been interviewed at various times by various papers (art-related) and they distort what I say and report on the minor stupid details and leave out the big picture. I fully support actors and rock stars breaking cameras of the press when they're getting in their face.

The press will use 'the people's right to know' only as long as it can sell advertising. 'The people have a right to know that there was a murder behind my house'. But when it won't sell ads anymore, no one has a right to know, no one has a right to a follow-up. 'No one has a right to know that the man died of natural causes because he was a drunk and he fell into some neighbors' rose bushes.' No, that won't sell ads. That won't get the ratings.

Looks like cable's back...

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