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09:12:2004 Entry: "Ann : The Right Rust"

The Right Rust

One of the U.S. Senators that is running in our Republican Primary this September is Russ Darrow, owner of a car dealership of the same name. The winner of the Republican Primary will go on to face our beloved (in my books) Senator Russ Feingold in the November elections. Supposedly, a local entrepreneur/artist has created some bumper stickers that 'retrofit' cars purchased through Darrow's dealership so that instead of your car's label saying 'Russ Darrow' it will say 'Russ Feingold'. (An article about it from a local paper can be found here.) Clever idea, I thought, when I heard about it. But I also received a link to the creator of the stickers' website via an art group I subscribe to (no, I'm not giving that link) and much to my disappointment, it says (emphasis mine):

"While you may not have noticed deterioration in your car's performance, the psychic weight of the sticker may deteriorate the quality of your driving due to unexplained feelings that something is 'just not right' with your car. Further, other drivers, seeing the name of a preposterously unqualified candidate for the Senate on the car in front of them, could fall into a dangerously inattentive state, potentially causing rear-end collisions, 'road rage,' or worse. If you wish to correct this condition, there is a solution more dignified than scraping the offending sticker off with a razor blade. A simple modification kit will be available to convert your car to the right 'Russ' from the far-too-right 'Russ.'

I don't know, maybe it's the fact that up until last year, all my life I've been driving cars over 10-years-old, cars that have been modified with paint not-intended-for-use-on-automobiles, and cars with an interesting visual appeal via a unique patina called "rust." But I think whacking off the offending "Darrow" with a razor blade, chisel, axe, or any non-blunt instrument is infinitely dignified! It shows angst and passion, not to mention an "it's only a fleshwound" (to be said in a Bullwinkle voice) attitude toward an object that we hold in such ridiculously high esteem, the car.

I say, get out there and massacre the hell out of the damn "Darrow" sticker!

By Ann @ 13:00 PM CST:09:12:04 ..::Link::..
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