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09:14:2004 Entry: "Ann : Bug Spray DREAM"

Bug Spray DREAM

I dreamt that we were in some wooden fenced yard with our dogs, and Lucifer Sam escaped through one of the spaces. I tried to call him back, and the only way to get him inside the house was to walk toward the house. Fortunately, he came back to us.

We were standing in our alley talking to neighbors and a dirty white car (80s era?) came through the alley very fast. I was rather angry that someone would go so fast through our alley (there's kids, pets and wildlife back here) so I yelled "fuck you!" or something at them as they passed. They heard me yell, so they stopped the car and backed up. Stan, and probably the neighbors said something like "Uh oh, Ann, you're on your own with this." I got into our car to excape them, and grabbed some bug spray. They somehow got into our car and had bug spray with them as well. We started spraying eachother with bug was awful, me against 5 or so dumbass mulletish guys. I couldn't hold the bug spray properly and I kept spraying my own hand, but the guys were equally defective. I was able to get them up the nose quite well with the bug spray, and I was actually more worried that I would kill them rather than them harming me.

Then after they went away, I was looking between our neighbors' houses (between Ann and Lyle's, and Ryan and Margie's) and there was a locomotive pulling up in the space between the two houses. I thought that odd. I went over to take a closer look and the bug spray guys were all hanging out in a car parked there. They see me, and start to chase me. They're all wearing surgical masks. I can't remember how it ended.

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