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09:06:2004 Entry: "Ann : Me and Them"

Me and Them

I close my eyes and see them, the young men with their potato heads, impenetrable, thick skulls, the young women all they care about is smiley faces and hugs, kisses smiley animated hearts. The older men scowl, the older women frown, happy mommy people and their happy populous family reunions. They cannot hear me or see me, and maybe it's a good thing. But why do I have to see and hear them?


Because they make so much noise and you have to be deaf not to?

You somehow remind me about Virginia Woolf, all though I'm not sure why. Maybe you're melancholic in the way that you miss an object in the past - cause you don't seem to long back to your childhood. Hopefully you're not melancholic in a way that makes you think you're the very weird one because you made the choices you did. I anyway don't think one should define oneself from the relationship one have to one's family. Most families are mad. They are someone we are forced to deal with. If they weren't family one would probably never want to see them again. I suppose a large part of life is to pretend you fit into and reach some ideals, like the happy family, the perfect parents, the outgoing personality, it's hard to break such convencions. Besides one get the impression on tv that shallow americans are so very shallow, maybe shallow and egosentric very much describe the western world, all our focus is on ourselves. Or is all the plastic and misuse of the word love a reaction to a helplessness people feel facing the horror around that seem to be out of their control anyway.

Posted by Nico @ 09:07:2004:05:46 AM CST

That's interesting. I don't now much about Virginia Woolf, not much of a literature person myself. I have a friend who admires her very much, though. I'll have to ask her about VW next time I see her.

Actually, these thoughts in my head were not about my family. But yes, families ARE insane! I mean, a certain person I know --not naming any names-- is pretty competent and sensible with lots of things...except family-related things. When it comes to families, this person completely has no sense of spending limits for the stupidest thing or event, yet at the same time won't send so much as a small birthday present for someone I know. (And that's all I'm going to say about that)

Yes, from my observations, Americans are very egocentric/have a strong sense of entitlement/greedy. We are made to feel (by the media) that we're too good for 2nd best, we have to have the best. We can't be modest or live simply.

I hate it.

Posted by Ann @ 09:07:2004:01:22 PM CST

By Ann @ 10:01 AM CST:09:06:04 ..::Link::..