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09:09:2004 Entry: "Ann : Ivan the Terrible"

Ivan the Terrible

I think a healthy dose of superstition is sorely lacking in our modern society--and I say this as someone who does not subscribe to religion or its vices! But case in point, and I address this to those in charge of naming hurricanes: Look, you just don't go around naming hurricaines with a name that stirs up images of horror! I know there aren't that many "I" names to go around, but if you would've just called the thing "Ian" for example, it would've wimped out in polite British fashion. A hurricane named Ivan. No one would've thought of doing such a fool thing 400 years ago. Whoever had this brainchild should lose their job.

By Ann @ 10:07 AM CST:09:09:04 ..::Link::..