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09:10:2004 Entry: "Ann : Mmmm...Turquoise...Yummy."


Turquoise is one of the few colors not found in plant matter or food. Wonder why that is.

Jewelry Link


There's turquoise candy though. And nice necklace.

Posted by Nico @ 09:13:2004:07:27 AM CST

Thanks! But candy doesn't count because it's colored artificially. But fruit...there's no turquoise fruit. Or vegetables. Or animal meat--unless it's rotten.

OK, maybe bleu cheese is sort of turquoise sometimes...that's kind of gross, isn't it? :-D

Posted by Ann @ 09:13:2004:09:04 AM CST

I really like such cheese, so I guess I don't think it's gross, no.. ;)

Posted by Nico @ 09:14:2004:07:11 AM CST

The cheese part isn't gross, but the dirty-turquoisish color of the moldy part is. I hate to admit it, but I'm sort of squeemish about eating mold in bleu cheese, probably because I *accidentally* ate moldy regular cheese and it freaked me out and I got sick. It's really gross when you're eating cheese and you're thinking "hmm, this tastes a bit...odd..." and then you look at the source cheese and see mold in it. Aaaaagh.

Posted by Ann @ 09:14:2004:08:15 AM CST

By Ann @ 06:36 PM CST:09:10:04 ..::Link::..