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09:11:2004 Entry: "Ann : Hoya carnosa"

Hoya carnosa

I am now just getting around to including this picture. My Hoya (Wax Plant) bloomed around the end of July. The plant is a few years old and this was its first and only bloom. Hoyas are in the Asclepiad family, which also include common Milkweed and Butterfly flower, Ceropegia (Rosary Vine), and assorted Stapeliads, commonly known as the stinky flowered "Starfish Cactuses" or "Carrion Plant." Carion-scented flowers (we had one last year, alas, the plant died) attract flies which polinate the flowers. My Hoya, however, was far from stinky, in fact it smelled like sweet chocolate! I wonder what that is supposed to attract...women?
hoyacarnosa (25k image)

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