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09:12:2004 Entry: "Ann : the skin of a dying man" the skin of a dying man

I was in very strange surroundings, sort of like in a circus or with a bunch of gypsies. There were tents and lots of fabric with brightly colored fancy silks. There was a man in one of the tents and he was very sick. The man might have been Tim, but I don't know. He was being tended to by relatives. I might've been with Stan I think, but I can't remember. The man was dying, or had died, and Stan and I wanted to go see him one last time, but the people surrounding the tent wouldn't let us.

This second dream I had after I went back to sleep in the morning around 6 am. It was a weird mixed up setting, like a cross between Williamson Street and some street in England. There was a large building on Williamson Street, but it was British. It was weird, I can't explain it. I was in a car or a bus or a van--some sort of vehicle. I had a small notebook with me, and in the notebook were a bunch of photographs of Pink Floyd. They kept falling out of my notebook, and I was frantically trying to put them back inside, because the people that were around me wouldn't understand why I had pictures of Pink Floyd or who they were or what. I was talking to some people and they were talking about Syd Barrett, but it was as if they believed he died of a drug overdose at 27. Even though I obviously knew this false, I was going along with these people and their conspiracy tales just because I knew they didn't know any better and I didn't want to get into an argument with them, or discuss the subject much further because I knew they didn't understand.

Wow, both these dreams are very blatantly symbolic, to the point of not even being symbolic, but purely obvious. The dying man is obviously Tim. The gypsies or circus people are obviously his family, as they are keeping him at the farm and don't let him come up here anymore except to see the doctors. Why circus people? Because it would be like a circus going to see all his relatives. Why gypsies? Gypsies represent European (in his case, German) immigrants.

As to the 2nd dream, the notebook is obviously this journal, the pictures of Pink Floyd are things I discuss and quite literally, Pink Floyd, that I know befuddles people who stumble upon this so-called "blog." But I talk about it anyway. Who the hell cares. It's my journal.

Which reminds me, I was checking my sitemeter last night and found someone had stumbled upon this site by doing a search on "I slept with Roger Waters." Heh. Sorry to disappoint them that it was only a dream.

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