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09:14:2004 Entry: "Ann : Silly DREAMs"

Silly DREAMs

This is surreal as hell, but I think I had a dream that Stan looked like Jerry Seinfeld. Far stretch. Stan doesn't look anything like Jerry Seinfeld--not that there's anything wrong with that. Well, they both kind of have big mouths, but that's about it.

I also had another dream that I was in a creepy old Addams Family-ish house. It was made into apartment buildings, and each unit still had a sort of turn-of-the-century charm. We were living in one of the units, and I think some of the people I used to work with at Depressions (not its real name) lived there too. One of the units caught fire, but it was under control. No one seemed to evacuate or anything, we all just watch the fire burn through a glass window. I was thinking that maybe we should get our pets...they were on the floor directly above the burning unit.

Later on in the dream, I was still in a very old-style house, but there was no fire. For some reason, Stan got me some ice cream or ice-cream like substance. It was starting to melt on me, and I asked him to get me a container for it because I couldn't eat it fast enough. He said "OK", but he continued working on his computer or doing something, and he never did. Meanwhile, the ice cream was making a mess on me. I get up myself and go to the kitchen to get my own container and cuss at him as I leave the room.

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