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10:06:2004 Entry: "Ann : My .04 Worth"

My .04 Worth

So I get a check in the mail today for 4 cents. It's from "Overture" which I believe to be something similar to Google's AdSense (which I use). The check is from a pay period ending April 22. Wow, a 5-month lag time before they issue you a check. That company can't be doing very well. But the weird thing is...I only have Google AdSense ads on my site, and a few Amazon links on some pages I don't update anymore. I don't subscribe to Overture. In fact, I didn't even know what it was until I did a search on it. The search also revealed they're connected with Commission Junction, which I did use about 4 years ago. But that was many site designs ago, and all those pages have been removed from my server. What the hell is this 4 cents from? The only thing I can think of, is that someone stole a page of mine while I had CJ ads on it, and uploaded it to their site, someone clicked on the CJ ad, and I am getting paid (well, I'd hardly call 4 cents a payment, but technically, it is). Or, someone went to the online wayback machine and somehow managed to get a version of my site 4 years ago. Who knows. Very baffling. I've certainly spent my 4 cents already confusulating about this mystery.

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