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10:07:2004 Entry: "Ann : Don't ask how I got on the topic"

Don't ask how I got on the topic

But did you know that "mullets" have their own category in the Google Directory?

Check this site out: Mullet Madness. Cracked me up.

Did you know that this site (my site) is only one of three sites that come up when doing a search on "molesterstache? (not that you'd want on it, that is) I'm surprised the word isn't in more common use.


I don't even know what mullet is..

Posted by Nico @ 09:29:2004:09:07 AM CST

Nico, did you look at the link? It's where your hair is short and layered on top and long in back.

I doubt they're very popular in Europe.

They're more popular here among a certain segment of him, for instance.

Posted by Ann @ 09:29:2004:09:18 AM CST

Actually I think we have mullets also in Europe..., but here I think they look more like this:

Posted by hildur @ 09:29:2004:12:29 PM CST

Whoah, that is some seriously bad hair! Looks like Donald Trump got caught in a wind tunnel!

Not a's sort of a comeover, but with the hair going back instead of across.

Posted by Ann @ 09:29:2004:12:38 PM CST

I never thought I would come to Ann's page and find a link to the norwegian freakshow ōystein HelstrÝm! ;)

Anyway, yes, we had/have(!) those mullets in Europe. Almost makes you want to always carry a pair of scissors and try to get behind them on the bus or something.

Posted by Nico @ 10:01:2004:04:13 AM CST

I guess you never know what you'll find here! :)

It's not the length that annoys me (afterall, I love longhaired guys), it's the thinness and the layering and the shortness on the top.

It just looks BAD.

I guess if we're all old enough, we would've had some version of a mullett beause it was hard to get through the 70s/80s without having some sort of layering thing going on. Shag haircuts, I think they were called in the early 70s. I didn't have one, but I did punk my hair in the early 80s, and the back was slightly longer. But I did have bangs, which were probably about as long as the back, so I guess that doesn't count. No, I never had a mullet.

The way they are sculpted really makes one look like a pinhead.

Posted by Ann @ 10:01:2004:09:01 AM CST

By Ann @ 20:11 PM CST:10:07:04 ..::Link::..