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10:08:2004 Entry: "Ann : So why is it assumed everyone automatically has a fax?"

So why is it assumed everyone automatically has a fax?

"Give me your fax number and I'll fax it over to you."

Shouldn't they be saying, "Would you like me to fax this or send it to you?"

And if they can fax, why can't they email? Why is faxing something an option, but emailing a pdf file isn't?

FAX is a technology I just skipped. Never got one, hate them, hated having to use them at jobs. It's a dead technology, and why it doesn't go the way of betamax is beyond me.


I've actually never used a fax either, despite that I've worked in places where such thing were in daily use.

Posted by Nico @ 10:01:2004:04:14 AM CST

I always tried to find a way out of leaving it for someone else to do. And I always had to have someone show me how to do it because I didn't do it enough to remember how to do it the next time.

I hate faxes. Email the damn document if it has to get there so darn fast! I guess that would kinda screw people who don't have printers, but maybe they need to realize not everyone is on the same technological wavelength and they need to be a little more flexible.

Posted by Ann @ 10:01:2004:09:12 AM CST

By Ann @ 10:04 PM CST:10:08:04 ..::Link::..