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10:09:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAM with dogs and generous but unknown people"

DREAM with dogs and generous but unknown people

I was taking both of the dogs outside together on leashes by myself (this is not an easy me). I took them out the front door, which is even more difficult because of the steps. There was snow outside, except our house seemed different, like an old brownstone. The steps were wider. There were people milling about outside and the dogs were getting all tangled in the wrought iron rails. I was trying to manage this with quite some difficulty. There was a young fawn pug that came up the steps, and I was petting it. There was also a small black animal, and I don't know if it was a cat or a pug puppy. It was playing around but somehow fell on the steps and after that it seemed like it couldn't walk. I was worried about it, and I didn't know where its owners were. I had to go back inside to get something, maybe put my own dogs away, and when I came back out, it seemed to be ok. It had a little white bib. I wanted to make it my pet. Then I went back inside the building, and there were a bunch of people sitting around our living room with presents. Stan was there and showed me a box that was a present from some people. The people who gave it to us were there. They were fairly non-descript, and I didn't know them, and I felt strange accepting a present from some people who I had no idea who they were. The woman was about 5'7", brown wavy/curly hair. very generic. Her husband/boyfriend was about the same height or maybe shorter, large hooked nose, black almost dark hair, light skin, and spoke with some sort of British or Australian accent, but I couldn't tell which. They were in their late 20s/early 30s, I'd guess, and were talking about politics. I opened the package, which was approximately a little less than 1 cubic foot in size. It contained a bunch of VHS tapes, like PBS documentary miniseries on various subjects. A strange gift, I thought at first, but then I thought I'd probably actually watch them and learn something from them. Who were these people, how did they know us, and why would they spend all this money on us?

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