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10:02:2004 Entry: "Ann : DREAM: Invasion of the Moron Zombie People From Hell"

DREAM: Invasion of the Moron Zombie People From Hell

I went into a public restroom. It was really smelly and dirty, and I was debating when I went into a stall whether I actually wanted to sit down because it was so disgusting, but I didn't really have a choice. I sit down and close the door, but the door doesn't shut too well. Other people come in to the restroom and they're looking to see if my stall is occupied. It's bad enough that they can't see me through the crack in the stall, but they keep pushing on the door. I'm pushing back, yelling, "just a minute!!!" but they don't stop. Finally I let them open the door and see me sitting on the stall with my pants down. Instead of saying, "Oh, excuse me, I'm sorry!" (as any normal person would say if they made such a stupid blunder), they stare at me, as if they're wondering what I'm doing there. Or maybe they're stupid zombie people. They don't leave, they just keep staring. I'm really pissed off, so I lean back so that my pelvis is tilted upward, and start to pee at them and yell in a George Castanza way, "OK, I'm peeing here!" They still stare at me, gluttons for punishment that they are, these moron zombie people. I forgot what happened next.


Good God (again!). You (almost) make me speechless..! I really hope you are feeling better when you are awaken:)

Posted by hildur @ 10:02:2004:06:21 PM CST

By Ann @ 12:22 PM CST:10:02:04 ..::Link::..